Love Opens Doors …

When your Heart is OPEN to LOVE,
the door of life flings open, opportunities become endless,
growing surpasses life’s lesson and Bliss seizes the day.
Love, simply because you can.
Love because it is what you are made of and where your answers will be found.
Within you, then with others.
Love and let your light shine.
xoxo ~ Samantha
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Make today special, simply because you can!
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If You Live Within the Path …


If you live within the path of your insecurities, you won’t give them room to grow and heal.


Nurture steps outside of what you’ve known. Open yourself to New ideas, New concepts and ways of thinking. 


Insecurity is an option, not a lifestyle.  Don’t mistake it for somthing cool to do. It will stiffle your confidence rather than help you achieve your greatest goals.


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Honor Your Heart…



Have patience while you learn to allow your inner guidance to unfold. 
As you do, life’s riches surround you.
Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness.

Everything that is wonderful in life belongs to You.
Now it’s your turn to learn to Own It.


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Make Today Beautiful!

Always remember to let the sunshine in on your rainy day, even if you don’t see the sun.
Make today beautiful, simply because YOU CAN, it’s YOUR CHOICE.
Take a moment to clear your head of troubles and worries and envision your world with simplicity, harmony and happiness.
Got the picture?
Now take a step in the direction of your dreams!


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What Will the Year of the Dragon Bring to You?

What will the Year of the Dragon bring to YOU?
How can you use this energy for your Highest Good?
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The Bliss of Balance …


Create Balance in Your Day.

Give and Receive. 

Ying and Yang. 

Let your Actions and your Words Meet in Harmony.




~ Sam

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Good Morning! Happy Friday!! What Choices Will You Make Today?


Good Morning, Happy Friday!

Have a beautiful day.
Every day we have choices to decide upon and make.
For today, I’d like to see you make the following choices:
Choose Happiness, simply because you can.
Choose Inner Peace, it’s good for your complexion!
Choose Calm Communication, take the time to be understood and to understand.
Choose to step away from any anger or anxiety and KNOW peaceful solutions will get you further.
Choose to fully enjoy your day, not dwell on any speed bumps, and keep your focus on all that comes from Kindness!


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Do You Know What Opportunity Today Brings?

Good Morning!

Today is a beautiful opportunity to feel whole, complete,
and happy
within yourself.
Do not invite any old worries to begin this day with you.
place a clean slate of happiness before you.
Choose to walk that path.
Use the magical full moon energy permeating the air for your higher good,
not your deepest resentment.
Choose to see everything good about your day.
Do not linger for one dissatisfied minute on anything that makes you unhappy.
Seek peaceful solution and resolution rather than dwell in negativity.
Choose communication built on the kindness of Love.
Choose creating a  wonderful day to remember, every day.
Choose Inner Peace.
Choose Happiness.
I know you can do it.
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in your life you would like to understand or know more about,
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As always, I look forward to our time together!
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Healing Thoughts to Empower the Full Moon Energy …