When Speaking Your Truth …




Speaking your truth doesn’t mean dwelling on hurtful or negative feelings. 

Yes, you may have them. It can happen from time to time. 

Negativity, however, is not your truth nor in the spirit you were created.


You were born from the roots of Love,

regardless of the life situation you entered into this world. 

When you speak your truth, speak from LOVE.

When you speak of your life, no matter how difficult the journey has been,

know it will get better the sooner you soften your thoughts

and come from a place of LOVE.


It is only from Love that you were born and from Love that you will heal. 

Self Love is the first step to finding your way back to YOU.


The YOU, you were created to be.


Loved and Loving.
Alive and THRIVING.


Believe in all you are and can be.
The journey may have difficult spots, but they will pass.




I’m online and available if you need me.

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