Are You Waiting to be Rescued?



Do you feel the need to be rescued or like you need to rescue someone (or others)? 


Do you feel like you can’t get where you need to be or where you want to go in life without someone helping you or carving out the path for you?   Do you chronically have the need or desire to step in and take care of someone?  Or, are you waiting for someone to sweep you off your feet, carry you away (or be with you) to live forever and ever in mad passionate love with a bottomless bank account and an idle life paved with love, success and prosperity?   


And THEN everything in your life would be ok? And THEN you would be successful?  And THEN you would be happy? 

And Then,  and THEN, and THEN ….


And THEN, do you REALLY believe that?


Could it be you rely too much on others to give you answers or do things for you so that you don’t have to look within or learn to trust yourself?  Could it be that you rely too much on others to make you feel better about yourself?  Or could it be that you jump into battle to take care of others so you can avoid major parts of taking care of you?


You CAN have the fairytale, but NOT without working on yourself and your own issues FIRST so that your life has a comfortable sense of balance and is anxiety, need(y), fearful, low self esteem, and/or control issue free.  If Prince Charming or Princess Charming sweeps you off your feet to rescue and set you up in an idle life of love, success and prosperity, how long do you think that’s going to last before the issues that kept you stuck on your own crop up?  That’s not even mentioning Prince & Princess’ Charming’s possible control issues and the lack of balance needing to rescue can bring up.


While the feeling of being rescued can be an awesome fantasy, it’s important to remember that fantasy’s seldom last beyond the honeymoon stage if both people aren’t working on themselves as individuals.  If you don’t deal with any insecurities, fears, or emotional issues that are anchored within you, they can create unwelcome baggage in all your relationships.


Getting advice from trusted or reliable sources can be helpful or confusing.  Make sure to take the time to sift through that advice so you can see what actually fits and doesn’t fit your situation.  If you’re being told what you want to hear, how helpful is that?  It’s more like advice for the ego rather than healing of the soul.  If you’re afraid of what you’ll hear how open is your heart to the truth and having a healthy relationship?  What are you hiding from?   Is denial keeping you company?   At times your fears can create deeper wounds than are necessary and block you from the happiness, love and success you deserve.


Take the time to learn how to find balance in your life so you can enjoy everything good life has to offer.  Everyone deserves a fairytale. 


First you have to learn how to rescue yourself.


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