Do You Beat Yourself Up?


Maybe it’s time to practice ‘Self-Forgiveness’ and embrace the power of ‘Self-Love.’


Mistakes are bound to happen on our journey’s through life.  It’s inevitable and a part of our learning process from the time we take our first misstep learning to walk, fall and skin our knees.


As we grow older, sometimes we make bigger mistakes.  Sometimes we take risks that don’t pay off.  Sometimes we choose partners that are bad for us, or sometimes we are even bad to or for other people.  There are countless ways filled with dishonesty & deceit, large and small misjudgments, insecurities, gossip, grudges, resentments, anger, betrayal and plain old fashion honest mistakes that can be made.


And now, perhaps it’s time you forgive whatever your mistakes are. 


Let go of the guilt or burden your mistakes may carry within you.  Let go of any self-abusive behavior or ways you may be punishing yourself for making mistakes.  It doesn’t matter how BIG or how small the mistake may be, every mistake is forgivable if you are TRULY Sorry.  Everyone makes mistakes and feeling regret is normal. 


What is of most importance, however, is how you handle your mistakes.


Forgive them.  Step up to the plate and OWN them so you can correct your choices or behavior, then let them go.  Rather than spend your time feeling guilty, which will only pull you down, switch your focus to your positive attributes, allowing your self esteem to pick itself up and giving your stress levels an opportunity to drop. 


Guilt is the opposite of love.  Your guilt will not help anyone or anything, but your Divine Love will help everyone, everywhere!


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**Today’s Fairie Card & inspiration was pulled from the Doreen Virtue, Ph.D Magical Mermaids & Dolphins deck


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  1. this is great stuff Moonchild!… I need to practice this a little, I’m always kickiin myself over this that and the other…

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